10g Dresscare: Advanced Seed-Care System for Ultimate Crop Protection

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Product Description:

Discover the power of Dresscare, a versatile pre-plant seed-coat treatment designed to provide robust protection for crop seeds and seedlings against diseases, soil-related challenges, and early-season foliar insect pests. Crafted with a potent combination of Imidacloprid, a systemic insecticide, Metalaxyl-M, a systemic fungicide, and Tebuconazole, a systemic fungicide with multiple actions, Dresscare ensures comprehensive care for your valuable crops.

Key Features:

Effective Protection: Dresscare safeguards a wide range of crops including cereals, rice, maize, millet, sorghum, beans, cowpea, soybean, groundnut, and vegetables.

Pest Defense: Shield your seeds from various pests such as ants, aphids, termites, leafhoppers, and script reworms. Additionally, Dresscare offers protection against soil-borne diseases like downy mildew, late blight (Phytophthora spp.), loose smut (Fusarium spp.), and Pythium damping off (Pythium spp.) in multiple crops.

Systemic Action: Imidaclorpid, Metalaxyl-M, and Tebuconazole work synergistically to deliver systemic insecticidal and fungicidal actions, ensuring not only protection but also enhancing the overall health of your crops.

Directions for Use:

Choose the application method that suits your convenience:

Plastic Bag Method:

Pour 50 ml of water into a plastic bag.
Add 1 sachet of Dresscare and thoroughly mix the chemical with water.
Introduce the required quantity of seeds and shake the bag vigorously.
Seed Pre-Wetting Method:

Pre-wet the seeds by applying 2 liters of water per 100 kg of seeds.
Shake the seeds well and add the necessary amount of Dresscare.
Immediately plant the dressed seeds, ensuring they are stored in jute bags only.
Rate of Use:

Tailored to suit different crops, Dresscare offers optimal protection with the following usage rates:

Groundnut, Cowpea, Soybean, Bean Seeds:

Rate of use per sachet (10 grams): 8 kg of seeds
Maize, Sorghum, Millet, and Rice:

Rate of use per sachet (10 grams): 4 kg of seeds
Experience the excellence of Dresscare – your ally in promoting healthy and thriving crops from the very beginning.

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