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We offer a comprehensive suite of products to meet your every requirement, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience. Whether you’re looking for home appliances, carpentry tools, tiling equipment, welding accessories, and more, you can find it all. We offer great customer service and will help you locate your desired items.

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CETECH Departmental Hardware Store offers all you need from start to finish in Wholesale & Retail quantities and prices with convenient online / offline ordering, and expert advice on tools and material buying and usage.

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From home appliances to paints, welding supplies, carpentry tools… we’ve got you covered

Explore our extensive product selection and enjoy the comfort of hassle-free deliveries straight to your doorstep. Leverage this opportunity to save money and focus your precious time on more profitable activities during these challenging economic times.

Our curated offerings cater to your diverse needs, empowering you to make informed choices that align with your evolving priorities.


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Discover an array of services meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of individuals and businesses alike. From wholesale and retail solutions to expert cleaning services, real estate consultancy, swift delivery options, reliable construction services, and impactful vocational training, we serve as your comprehensive destination for excellence.

Rest assured, our commitment to delivering superior quality, efficiency, and unmatched expertise remains unwavering across all our offerings.

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Empower yourself with premium training and resources for every personal & business endeavor

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Gain valuable insights and guidance on our expert advice blog, where knowledge meets practicality to enhance your journey to success.

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Elevate your skills at our vocational and technical school, where expertise meets opportunity in a dynamic learning environment tailored for success.


Embark on a journey of knowledge and growth with our diverse range of courses, meticulously designed for your personal advancement.

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