Square Shovel – for Digging with Metal D-Handle

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VERSATILITY—Flat shovel used as garden edging shovel, camp shove, plow shove, trenching shovel, snow shovel for driveway, survival shovel. The square shovel has a larger shovel head than the round shovel, which can shovel more items at a time, greatly reducing the frequency of bending and reducing labor intensity.

PERFECT DESIGN— D-shaped handle design increases hand grip. The pedals and wings on the top of the blade are for you to step on, making it easier to complete digging, shoveling, and transferring work.

AVAILABLE ALL YEAR ROUND—In spring and summer, it is used to dig pits and transplant trees, repair lawn edges, and move gravel and dirt . In autumn and winter, it is used to clean leaves and debris, For scraping packed snow and ice off the driveway. Snow shovels can’t get it if it packs down and freezes. This will loosen it up.

LONG SERVICE LIFE—The shovel head is made of cold-rolled steel, and the hardness is improved by high temperature quenching. you can Used this shovel to dig square holes to plant fruit tress. Tree experts said that square holes were better for the tree roots than the round holes. It is sharp so that you could remove rocks from the soil. It will not bend or deform when it comes into contact with hard stones during use. The pure wood handle is more durable and environmentally friendly.

  • 41 INCHES—The overall size of the shovel is 41 inches. It can be placed in the trunk of a car and used as a car shovel or camping shovel. The weight of 3.3 pounds will not feel heavy during use, making work easier.
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