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ROYCE Electric Spray Gun 60W


ROYCE Electric Spray Gun RESG-60


Product Parameters

Input voltage : 220~230V

Frequency : 50~60Hz

Input power : 60W

Container capacity : 700ml

Spray rate : 22ml/min


About Product

  • Universal dispenser for different jobs
  • Easy and reliable product
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials
  • The electromagnetic actuator piston provides increased reliability in comparison with the electric motor
  • Flow adjustments allows the use of materials of varying viscosity (ink on a different basis, varnishes, etc) and perform  a variety of works (painting, coating, spraying)
  • The storage container is 700ml in volume allows long run on a single filling and does not load the operator's hands overweight
  • Easy disassembling of the spray mechanism for cleaning after use
  • Glass for checking viscosity complete

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