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GSFixtop Industrial 21VDC Li Cordless Drill


GSFixtop Triple Speed Cordless Drills Function (Model No. 50605)

Product Parameters

Max Output Torque : 50N.m

Charging Time : 1 hour

No Load Speed : 0-400 / 0-1350rpm

Drilling Capacity : 0.8-10mm

Torque Gear Position : 25+1+2

550PM Motor    |    TRIPLE SPEED   |    High efficiency   |    Large battery capacity   |    Safe and comfortable    |     The switch can be used 30,000 times



Using power tools can be dangerous. Always take care and keep away from children. Wear protective eyewear in work area at all times. Select correct type and size of power tools for work.


Can be used for:

  • Punching board
  • Steel plate
  • Screw fixation
  • Furnishing installation
  • Machinery maintenance
  • Car maintenance



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