5g Green Bait Cockroach Killer

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5G Green Baits Cockroach Killer – the ultimate solution to get rid of those pesky roaches.

This cockroach killer doesn’t just take out the adult roaches but also stops their eggs from hatching, ensuring a complete wipeout. Plus, it’s super clean and eco-friendly – no chemicals left behind, and no weird smells.

Here’s how to use it:

– Sprinkle the powder where you usually see roaches, like dark corners, near sewers, cupboards, sinks, and so on.
– Use the powder in 3 to 5 spots for the best results, and finish the whole bag once you open it.
– Keep it up – replace the powder every seven days. Usually, you’ll see roaches gone after using it for two to four times in a row.
– For heavily infested areas, put the powder everywhere for maximum effect. It works well even in small amounts.

Just a heads up: Use it exactly as the label says. We won’t take responsibility if things go wrong because it wasn’t used right. Trust our 5G Green Baits Cockroach Killer to solve your roach problem effectively.

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